Hair Care Hair Growth Essential Oils Essence Original Authentic 100% Hair Loss Liquid Health Care Beauty Dense Hair Growth Serum

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Cheap Hair Loss Products, Buy Quality Beauty & Health Directly from China Suppliers:Hair Care Hair Growth Essential Oils Essence Original Authentic 100% Hair Loss Liquid Health Care Beauty Dense Hair Growth Serum
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3597 in stock

Hair Care Hair Growth Essential Oils Essence Original Authentic 100% Hair Loss Liquid Health Care Beauty Dense Hair Growth Serum


Product function:

1, 2 or 3 Times fast Speed of hair growth
2, dense hair, issuance, prevent hair loss, let the hair follicles to grow new hair root!
3, raise hair make hair more smooth.

Suit for the people : hair growth slow, need to grow hair, dry hair bifurcate short-tempered, hair loss, hair thinning hair, long hair perm hair damage, elastic matted hair luster, brittle hard ,not smooth hair

Directions for use:

1. Wash hair with shampoo and dry your hair ( if you want fast grow hair, suggest hair growth spray can use together with hair growth essence and PURC thicken hair shampoo)

2. Spray Hair Growth Spray to the root of hair evenly, Two times a day(morning and evening), spray 1ml in one time, (spray 5-6 times) Increase or reduce the dosage according to the specific condition

3. If possible , massage for several minutes.

4. Leave it dry and for several hours before you do any thing to your hair.


According to the survey of 10,000 customers, this product should insists on using 30 days,here’s 95% chance of hair growth. 50% of the people may obviously hair loss within 20 days of using period. But please don’t worry, that due to the product recuperate skin condition, after 20 days,hair loss will be obviously improved, and the new hair will grow !


1, 2 or 3 Times fast Speed of hair growth

2, dense hair, issuance, prevent hair loss, let the hair follicles to grow new hair root!

3, raise hair make hair more smooth.

Suit for the people : hair growth slow, need to grow hair, dry hair bifurcate short-tempered, hair loss, hair thinning hair, long hair perm hair damage, elastic matted hair luster, brittle hard ,not smooth hair

Directions for use:

Package Included:

1pcs hair care product



According to the survey of 10,000 customers, this product should insists on using 30 days,here’s 95% chance of hair growth. 50% of the people may obviously hair loss within 20 days of using period. But please don’t worry, that due to the product recuperate skin condition, after 20 days,hair loss will be obviously improved, and the new hair will grow !

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  1. V***g RU

    Заказ сделал 22.11, позвонили с районного отделения почты Ташкента 20.12. Рекомендую.

    V***g RU

  2. FR

    très déçu de la quantité de la commande


  3. C***s BR

    Essa e segunda compra que fiz, a primeira comprei dois frascos, agora comprei mais dois. Eu estou usando um pouco mais de um mês, não vi diferença no meu cabelo. È prematuro avaliar a eficácia,pois fabricante estipulou 90 dias para dar o resultado esperado. Vamos esperar esses 90 dias pra vê o que vai acontecer.

    C***s BR

  4. DE

    Danke! Klein aber fein******
    Ich muss nur probieren


  5. G***h BE

    G***h BE

  6. FR


  7. H***m KR

    H***m KR

  8. Y***i IL

    פעם שניה שמזמין מקווה לטוב.

    Y***i IL

  9. M***s CL

    En el poco tiempo que lo he usado(3 semanas aprox) el tema de la caída del pelo a disminuído mucho.

    M***s CL

  10. RU

    Пока не пробовали


  11. S***n KR

    리뷰 보고 다이소에서 1000원짜리 롤러공병 사오ㅏ서 담았어요 담으실분들은 스포이드꼭사세요… 없어서 겁내 힘들었어요ㅜㅠ 액체는 노랑색에 약간 유칼립투스…?같은 향 나요! 따로 바르기도 하고 샴푸에듀 넣어서 한번 써보겠숩니당 배송은 빠른 편은 아닌거 참고하세요

    S***n KR

  12. I***e MX

    si Funciona en conjunto con otros productos como shampoo de jengibre y spray para la caída del cabello, es el tercer tratamiento que compro

    I***e MX

  13. LV



  14. M***i DZ

    سرعة في شحن شكرا للبائع سأجرب منتج على اللحية

    M***i DZ

  15. KZ

    arrived in good conditions. and very fast in just a week. will leave a later feedback after using it.


  16. A***e IT

    ordine non ricevuto, soldi mai restituiti
    venditore truffatore e aliexpress non mi ha creduto sbloccando il pagamento.
    sono rimasto molto deluso non credevo che aliexpress appoggiasse queste cose.

    A***e IT

  17. A***D FR

    A***D FR

  18. CA

    This is a photo of my head before using any of the product. I have been using the product for almost a
    year , 3rd bottle , not any change. I will respond with an update after trying one more. I may have been using it wrong , as I have been mixing it with my shampoo , but I was not massaging it on my scalp for 5-10 minutes, which you are supposed to do.


  19. K***v IL


    K***v IL

  20. 5***r KR

    롤온용기에 담아사용하니 손에안묻혀도되고 두피에 골고루 잘발라져요
    일주일째 바르는데
    솜털이 좀 올라오는게 보이네요^^
    효과가어떨지 한병다써보구 또구매할예정입니다

    5***r KR

  21. B***A ZA

    I’m very excited about my order I received it

    B***A ZA

  22. K***b KR

    i can’t feel about the good effect
    of this product, just so so..ㅠ

    K***b KR

  23. G***r RU

    круто стали расти

    G***r RU

  24. M***a FR

    وصل بالفعل في حال جيدة . جاري تجربته

    M***a FR

  25. N***p NL

    De zoveelste wat ik besteld heb, raad het zeker aan want na een tijdje zie ook dat het werkt. Elke dag gebruiken en in geloven en de resultaat komt vanzelf wel. Top verkoper dit! En dank jewel voor de gift. En hoe netjes is het ingepakt, erg zorgvuldig en netjes zoo perfect

    N***p NL

  26. A***v RU

    A***v RU

  27. J***l BR


    J***l BR

  28. K***o KR

    2번째 주문했어요. 후기가 좋아서 일단 하나 주문
    후 배송기간이 있어서 바로 주문했어요..
    10월25일 주문해서 11월10일 도채했어요..
    아직 큰효과는 못 느끼고 있지만 앞전 주문 한병다쓰고 나면 다시 후기 올릴께요

    K***o KR

  29. F***i SA

    F***i SA

  30. A***a MA

    A***a MA

  31. U***y UK

    I can honestly say this stuff works! I was amazed. I’ve been taking them for 2 months now and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my hair. Not long before I started taking them I dyed my hair and now it already needs dyed again because it has grown so much. My hair feels thicker and I can see new growth at my part where there was none. I love this stuff!

    U***y UK

  32. U***t UK

    My hair feels amazingly healthy! Its odor smells good. I touch my hair very smoothly after using it . It’s very effective and I can feel the hair grow results in 8 weeks, it’s helping a lot to regrowing my hair!

    U***t UK

  33. U***i UK

    On my third order of hair growth. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in the amount of growth in my hair. I’ve recommended this product to family and friends. It really has a made a difference.

    U***i UK

  34. U***r UK

    I purchased this product as I believe in natural essential oil power in treating our bodies. After using it for a couple of times I can say it helped to treat my itchy scalp. My hairs are softer, I can feel thin and pleasant smell. I still do not see how well it treated hair loss, but I believe it will, I just need to use it for a longer period.

    U***r UK

  35. U***d UK

    My hair look very dry, so I want the hair oil help , and hope it can works well , this oil smell very good , I touch my hair very smoothly . It’s very effective and I can feel the results after using, it’s helping my hair regrow .Thanks

    U***d UK

  36. U***h UK

    So far so great! I can see results on my hair. It’s looking healthier and feeling stronger than ever!!! I’ve been using this oil for hair, and I’ve noticed the thickness in my hair is coming back.mmy hair is stronger, shiny and longer, i love this product!! I’ll defenetly will be buying more.

    U***h UK

  37. U***r UK

    I’ve tried dozens of products for hair loss, none worked quite like this hair oil. I’m not one to hype products, but this one started to make a noticeable difference. Fast forward to now, and my hair follicles appear to be working better, my hair is growing on my scalp in areas that were damaged and had no hair growth activity, now there are hairs to feel and touch! I’m still in awe at the incredible transformation. This has tremendously improved my hair AND my life. I wish I could give it ten stars, I’m sooo happy to finally have found something that works!

    U***r UK

  38. I***r IN

    First, my hair stopped falling out, then my existing hair thickened, and now I’m seeing tiny little black dots on a bald spot, it’s new hair!

    I***r IN

  39. U***r UK

    this stiff truly works. Hair loss runs in my family, I looked up a bunch of product/reviews and this brand had very good ones so I decided to go for it. I bought this and use it before my shower. I use the therapy shampoo and confitioner as well. I’ve been using this for about 3 months now and have noticed baby hairs that have grown in where I’ve seemed to be thinning. I’m so happy! I hope it keeps working and I can get my hair back! Hope this helps you make a decision.

    U***r UK

  40. U***t UK

    To my surprise after a couple of weeks I noticed a lot of new hair growth. my hair is growing faster. I’m so happy and surprised at the same time. Definitely going to buy more.

    U***t UK

  41. U***n UK

    It’s still early but I can tell I’m not losing my hair as much… i’m looking forward to seeing more progress.

    U***n UK

  42. U***r UK

    I spotted new hairs growing when looking in the mirror. It has only been a couple weeks. I’ve tried other stuff for much longer, but this hair oil is the only product that has given me appreciable results.

    U***r UK

  43. U***i UK

    Over a course, this made my hair grow about 2 inchs more that it normally would. My hair is now thicker, shinier and much stronger than it was before. I love it! It helped me out when I needed the extra help to grow my hair more and keep it more healthy! I’m definitely buying a third bottle of this when my second bottle goes out!

    U***i UK

  44. D***a RU

    Спасибо товар я получил, за быструю доставку отдельно спасибо Упаковка целая, это просто чудо, как обычно почта любит пинать посылки до клиентов, а тут её бережно довезли

    D***a RU

  45. DZ


  46. M***n US

    Arrived sealed. Not tried this yet so will review the product after use. Ordered on 25/10/21 arrived 04/11/21 UK.

    M***n US

  47. F***r UA

    Хз такое оно. Буду пробовать. Упакован хорошо. Продавец постарался. Доставка быстрая, меньше месяца

    F***r UA

  48. JP

    かんぜいにとうちゃくして なかなかとどかないな とおもったら なぜかかいふうと なかみのかくにんされてた まだこうかわからないので ほしよっつ しようかんもいいです これでねこっけが なおればいいな


  49. J***o ES

    es lo peor que he probado en mi vida , no hace crecer el pelo se te cae te deja casi calva , porfavor nadie compré !

    J***o ES

  50. B***O BH

    Got this today and I’m gonna try it with my hair now.. will be back again to review it after a month and let see what happens..

    B***O BH

  51. CL

    Hola, el frasco es muy chico y no tiene mucha densidad, no que tengo fe !


  52. MX


  53. K***k RU

    K***k RU

  54. L***a FR

    L***a FR

  55. 1***r RU

    товар шёл очень долго спб, но всё таки дошёл. хорошо упаковано, ничего не помято, и ещё положили пакетик шампуня. Маслом уже пользовалась, да помогает. Рекомендую.

    1***r RU

  56. T***a UA

    Заказ сделала 27.09.2021 , в Киев пришло 19.10.2021. Товар запакован очень хорошо, все целое. В подарок продавец положил подарочек , пакетик шампуни , приятно. Продавца рекомендую. Ещё не использовала, если будет результат , буду заказывать у этого продавца. Спасибо .

    T***a UA

  57. P***f ES

    excelente el crecimiento es súper es la 2 vez que compro me encanta se nota un montón seguiré comprando

    P***f ES

  58. M***y DZ

    الشحن جد سريع شكرا

    M***y DZ

  59. K***o KR

    10월2일 주문해서 25일 오늘 도착했어요
    후기보고 기대감에 주문해서 아직 사용전이고 배송 기간은 조금 긴듯합니다..
    사용해보고 후기 다시 올릴께요..며칠사용해보고 재주문할까합니다

    K***o KR

  60. H***r FR

    تتم تعبئته جيدا

    H***r FR

  61. P***e IT

    Arrivato in poco tempo
    Ora solo privare speriamo
    Al venditore

    P***e IT

  62. S***i IT

    S***i IT

  63. S***a RU

    отправили быстро, долго висело на таможне (около 2 недель), потом посылка не отслеживалась, но пришла в срок. Положили в подарок пакетик шампуня). После 3 использований не скажу, что что-то изменилось, будем тестить дальше

    S***a RU

  64. E***o US

    E***o US

  65. S***v BG

    Everything is ok, will be test and write later.

    S***v BG

  66. D***d RS

    Thanks to Seller, first time I ordered, I will try to see the results.

    D***d RS

  67. U***h UK

    I want to keep my hair longer, although it is already thick and of medium length. I apply it on the scalp and massage it to stimulate the hair follicles. So far, I like the feel of the oil on my hair, not too oily, but very moisturizing. I saw a little change after 4 weeks

    U***h UK

  68. U***g UK

    I have searched for years for something to work on my thin, dry colored hair and I just found it. This is the BEST product ever for thin, fizzy hair. It doesn’t weigh down the hair so my hair is full, shiny and manageable. I am 57 and my hair has thinned out and showing age, with this product-my hair looks like it did in my 20’s. I just ordered the shampoo and conditioner and of course another bottle of this product. I am thrilled.

    U***g UK

  69. I***r IN

    I was looking for something that would help me with my hair, i came across this product and I thought I give it a try. I started using this and I absolutely love it!!! This oil goes on smooth, it foes not have a greasy type of feeling, my hair absorbs it so well that I have received so many compliments on how my hair looks so healthy and shiny. I truly recommend this product, its worth it plus its organic and cruelty free. Worth every dollar, i will be purchasing again.

    I***r IN

  70. U***f UK

    If you are experiencing temporary hair shedding and want a preventative measure, I would definitely recommend this hair oil. I am a huge fan and grateful that I found a product that worked for me.

    U***f UK

  71. U***k UK

    I bought four bottles of products. According to the seller, the two products are just different bottles. The products inside are the same. I have been using the product for two weeks, and my hair seems to be getting stronger. My hair is very long, so I can’t be sure if it grows fast, but it looks thicker and doesn’t get too tangled. My hair is getting stronger and stronger now. Overall, I am satisfied with this product.

    U***k UK

  72. U***w UK

    I’m really happy to find the best hair growing support! Me and my husband been using this product less than one month and already can see the difference. Our hair start to grow stronger and faster. And My husband getting a lot of new hairs. We will use this product definitely again. Thank you

    U***w UK

  73. F***f GR

    спасибо огромное продавцу супер быстрая доставка рекомендую вам этого продавца и этот магазин буду заказывать ещё заказываю не в первый раз.продавец положил маску в подарок под глаза отдельное спасибо очень приятно.

    F***f GR

  74. A***r BD

    Product received in good condition. Packaging is also right. Got product within 1 months. Has long expiry date. And thanks for the gift❤️❤️❤️.

    A***r BD

  75. R***z NL

    R***z NL

  76. F***i SA

    F***i SA

  77. O***z DE

    O***z DE

  78. K***r SI

    the fastest shipping ever! thank you. really didnt expect. now it is time to use it!

    K***r SI

  79. 0***r RU

    Шло долго, ещё не понятен результат

    0***r RU

  80. M***r PK

    M***r PK

  81. S***r IL

    since i use this i have huge of falling hairs

    S***r IL

  82. LK

    I just start to use this product. I will tell the advantage of this product after few weeks.


  83. A***b PS

    its crush the bockt and so late on shipping

    A***b PS

  84. S***r IL

    actually I’ve waited for so long i order 1 bottle and i thought it was good cause as i can see all the feedback was real good but suddenly it does not work to me just a waste of money less than 50 dollars for 4 little bottles and everyday it falls my hair, even little changes i dint see to my hair

    S***r IL

  85. A***v RU

    A***v RU

  86. K***n MX

    Me llego rápido y viene muy bien protegido.

    K***n MX

  87. J***o MX

    llegó muy rápido , y bien protegido, solo falta probarlo, lo recomiendo

    J***o MX

  88. A***d SA

    A***d SA

  89. L***s CA

    L***s CA

  90. IT

    Very good


  91. G***f KR

    써보진 않았지만 써보고 후기남기겠음

    G***f KR

  92. E***l JP

    Vou começar a usar hj e daqui um mês volto para dizer como ficou!

    E***l JP

  93. J***k UA

    Товар пришел быстро. Упаковка хорошая, без замечаний. Раздавила средство с шампунем 6мл/100 грамм …ждём эффект.

    J***k UA

  94. J***s PE

    Producto igual a la foto, falta probar

    J***s PE

  95. FR

    я не получил товар
    продавец пидр


  96. E***s MX

    Tardo un mes en llegar, problemas con el envío. Estaría mejor con la opción de AliExpress, pero bueno probaré el producto y regreso a contar mi experiencia.

    E***s MX

  97. ES

    Заказ получила вовремя. Хорошо упакован. Пахнет приятно. В основе чувствуется жгучий перец. Эффект пока не знаю какой.Флакон маловат.


  98. W***W FR

    Je n’ai pas encore essayé. Livraison rapidement arrivé chez moi dans 17 jours. Merci vendeur.

    W***W FR

  99. C***o DE

    Après une semaine traitement et jusqu’au présent sans résultat

    C***o DE

  100. A***z ES

    A***z ES

  101. DZ

    Really effective and this is the second time I bought it because of its effectiveness He shipped it fast Thank him for the gift


  102. J***g KR


    J***g KR

  103. CA

    Idem à l’image


  104. IT

    Non l’ho ancora provato quindi non saprei. dirvi, l’imballaggio era imballato bene e c’era anche un piccolo campione di shampoo.
    Il prodotto in buono stato però peccato che sia solo 30ml.
    Mi è arrivato in un mese


  105. C***e CA

    C***e CA

  106. J***z MX

    Tardó un poco más de lo ofrecido. Ahora a usarlo y a ver qué tan efectivo es?

    J***z MX

  107. I***a IL

    Заказываю второй раз.С этим маслом меньше выпадают волосы. Возможно ,что после нескольких таких бутылочек пойдут какие то сдвиги и участки волосяного покрова пополнятся новыми волосами 🙂 Кстати,в этот раз прислали небольшой подарок.Очень приятно.Рекомендую.

    I***a IL

  108. E***e ES

    E***e ES

  109. ES

    llego rápido, con un regalito. Gracias!


  110. 7***r ES

    7***r ES

  111. T***n MX

    Llego después de un mes probaré y diré si es efectivo

    T***n MX

  112. US

    I did not communicate with the seller. But shipping is very fast. I know I tried this kind of thing. Will add comments in a month later and see the result.


  113. UK

    wstepnie wszystko ok zobaczymy jak efekty, dziekuje za prezencik


  114. FR

    article reçu ce matin je me laisse le temps de l’essayer et je reviendrai vers vous.


  115. U***r UK

    After taking this for only three weeks, I can already see a difference in my hair. It is shinier and feels thicker. My hair has always been thin and this product is really helping. I would highly recommend!

    U***r UK

  116. U***h UK

    I was very pleased with the product. It made my hair thicker, fuller and longer, i can notice how good my hair is now. And it was shipped and delivered quickly. . I just ordered my second bottle and I’m hoping by next month my hair loss will be less.

    U***h UK

  117. U***i UK

    Very nice product it improve the hair loss reduction rate and also gave my hair good strength and stability. I do see shiny and black hair after 2 months use. It is very use full and have very good ingredients. I want to try full bottle and see the impact. customer service of this seller is very professional. Love this product!!

    U***i UK

  118. U***e UK

    I’ve noticed my hair is not only thicker and growing quickly but I lose a lot less when I wash my hair. It’s a subtle difference but definitely a noticeable one. I’ve been taking this for just under a month so I’m excited to see how much better it keeps getting the longer I take it.

    U***e UK

  119. U***s UK

    If you want to see real improvements in your hair, this product is what I’d recommend. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and my hair feels stronger, thicker and I noticed new growth! Excellent product!

    U***s UK

  120. U***n UK

    I was really stressed and looking for a product to help with hair regrowth. This product has done a very good job!!! After only 3 months of use, I see new growth in places where my hair was almost bald .I’m so excited. I have tried many other products in the past with no results. This is a great product, i am excited to keep using this product!

    U***n UK

  121. U***l UK

    This is a great product for hair growth and hair wellness. I have tried several hair products before, but this product has the supplementary products that work in perfect harmony for hair health. I noticed already baby hairs and my hair growing faster than usual. I will definitely be continuing to use this product as I am seeing more great results.

    U***l UK

  122. W***r KR

    샴푸에 100미리당 3미리씩 넣어 쓰라던 것 같은데, 제품에 쓰인 사용법은 2~5방울 머리에 떨구어 15~20분간 손끝으로 마사지 해준후 샴푸하라고 쓰여 있어서 일단은 제품에 쓰인대로 사용해볼 예정입니다. 추가 후기 남길게요~
    포장은 사진대로 왔네요.

    W***r KR

  123. P***a BG

    I received the shipment quickly. I’m testing now.

    P***a BG

  124. S***a RU

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    سوف اترك تعليق حين استخدمها ونتيجة

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    Llego con un pequeño sobre de shampoo de cortesía, ahora lo probaré para ver si funciona

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    Can’t wait to try !


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    받은 날은 기억 안나고 사용한지 1달 안되고
    3주는 된거 같은데 보솜털 나면서 길어졌어요.매일 아침 저녁으로 몇방울만 M자 부위에 바르고 했어요.
    희망이 보여서 재주문 하렵니다.
    걱정 되는것은 전에 쓰던 다른 제품도 처음에는 효과 보다가 단골 손님 되니까 포장재는 똑같은데 내용물이 완전 다르더라고요 그후부터는 효과 없어서 사용 중단 해서 이제품으로 선택했는데.
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